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Email88 isn’t a survey site but I think it is quite unique and is therefore worth a mention and seems to be an interesting way to possibly earn more money whilst at home. Once you signup to Email88 they will send out the occasional email to let you know that an ad is available to be viewed, you simply click the link and view the ad, this could be going to an advertisers website or simply watching a youtube video.

Sounds easy so far huh? Well it is, that is pretty much all there is to Email88, except one small thing, the 8th, 88th, 888th and 8888th people to clcik and view the ad all win $100 each. Once you have viewed the ad you will then be able to view a counter that lets you know what posistion you are in and everybody gets 2 clicks per ad, so if you miss out the first time, you can see where you are in the queue and choose your time to click and view the ad for the second time.

If you are one of the 4 lucky people for each ad your $100 prize will be sent to you via cheque. I like this site as it is very simple and if you don’t have much time you simply click and view and ad or 2 rather then with surveys where you may have to be at your computer filling it in for 15 minutes.

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