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Light Speed Research

Country: Australia

Light Speed Research

Lightspeed Research is another great Australian survey site, owned by a large market research corporation. They have been running and paying for many years now, and they are one of the more trustworthy survey companies out there. Read on for a full review of Lightspeed Research:

Payouts – 8/10
Lightspeed offers generous payouts, but they aren’t quite industry-leading. The average survey through Lightspeed generally pays $1-$2, but there is the occasional $5+ survey. Lightspeed Research offers cash payments (in PayPal, minimum $5), or a number of other rewards. You can get gift cards, electronics, and even music downloads! They may not have the best payouts as far as cash value, but they have a great selection of rewards to choose from.

Survey Availability – 10/10
Lightspeed Research is one of those sites that just seems to always have surveys available. It’s very rare to log on to the site and find nothing to try. There are always many surveys open, and they are generally pretty easy to qualify for. Of course you won’t get into 100% of them, but when there’s new surveys available several times a week – or even several times a day – that doesn’t really matter.

Interface – 9/10
The Lightspeed website is laid out pretty well, but it can be somewhat confusing for someone who is new. All the information you need – available surveys, rewards, profiles, etc. is all there, it just may be a bit hard to find.

Incentives/Bonuses – 8/10
There is no sign-up bonus at Lightspeed Research, but every time you complete a survey, or even a mini-poll or profile, you are put into a drawing for $5,000. The drawing happens once every 3 months, and each ticket gives you more of a chance to win, so the more surveys you do the better!

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  1. Comment by Nigel Martin — September 27, 2009 @ 8:55 am

    Agreed, highly recommended, good for invites to Focus groups too……

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