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American Opinion

Country: Australia (Int)

American Opinion

Recently American Consumer Opinion expanded to allow members from all over the world including Australia, so don’t be misled by the name this survey site is certainly a good one for us Aussies looking for more paid online survey sites to be active in.

At American Consumer Opinion, not only do you get the normal market research surveys that you get at other sites but you will also get the chance to test new advertising and to evaluate new products, any products you get to test you get to keep along side the payment you also get for the research assignment.

Surveys pay in points and range anywhere from 100 to 5,000 points depending upon the length of the survey, they also have some quick and easy surveys which they call screeners that can pay up to 50 points for a couple of minutes work. Points are worth 1 cent each, so a 100 point survey is worth $1.00 and a 5,000 point survey is worth $50.

Minimum payment at American Consumer Opinion is $10 and payments are made by Cheque in Australian currency so that stops from having to pay expensive conversion fees.

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