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Top 5 Survey Sites For Men.

Guys if you are looking for some survey sites to make some extra money online, then you need to check this out, it is my list of the top five survey sites for men. There is many survey sites out there that are available for Australians and those survey companies are constantly on the lookout for new members to join and become a part of their market research panels and in particular what seems to be the norm at the moment is that many survey sites are a bit short of men and they are in desperate need of us guys to join and to get paid for our opinions.

I have personally joined many survey sites over the years and have made a few thousand dollars in cash in that time and probably that much again in free products and gift certificates, so not enough to give up your day job but it certainly does come in handy at the end of the day.

From my experience you can expect to do surveys upon a wide range of subjects and some of the things I have done surveys on in the past are; Gillete razor blades, Coca Cola packaging, Arnotts shapes flavours, Eastlink Tollway, Beer – that survey led on to doing a focus group in which I tasted beer and gave my opinion about it and got paid $75 for about 45 minutes of my time. I have also done a survey on Scotch Whiskey which was similar to the Beer survey and led to another focus group and another $75.00. On top of all this I have done surveys on movies, taste testing of Potato chips, product testing of a digital camera which I got to keep, have been phone survey about car tyres, been involved in focus groups about new marketing campaigns for Dare flavoured milk and Dove chocolate.

This is just a few of the things that I have provided my opinion and have been paid for and I have been paid anywhere from $1 for a 5 minute survey to $50 for taste testings, $75 for focus groups and right through to $100 for a 3 hour survey. Now I can not gurantee how many surveys you may or may not get or can I tell you how much you will get paid to them but from my experience it is certainly worth giving it a go if you are looking to earn some extra money online.

Below you will find a list of companies that are specifically on the look out for more men to join and have surveys waiting and available for them.

Top 5 survey sites.

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Top 5 Survey Sites For Men

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