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Frequently asked questions.

1. What are paid online surveys?
Online surveys are market research assignments sent out from a market research company that has been employed to collect consumer data, usually on a particular product or service that a company provides. It is usually a simple set of questions, designed to find out your opinion.

2. Why are online survey companies paying for my opinion?
Every year billions of dollars are spent around the world, developing new products and bringing new services to market. Before a company potentially spends millions on implementation of a new product they conduct market research to gauge the opinion of the general public, people just like you and I.

3. Who is paying the online survey company?
As stated above companies are employing the services of market research companies to conduct online market research via paid online surveys. As an example some of the surveys I have done in the past have been sent out by some of not only Australia’s but the world’s biggest companies, companies such as Coca Cola, Gillette, Arnotts, Carlton United Breweries, local, state and federal government and many many more.

4. How do I get paid?
Each online survey company has a different method of payment, but the usual methods are paypal, direct deposit, cheques, free merchandise from a reward catalogue and prize draws.

5. How many surveys will I get?
It’s hard to say, surveys are totally dependent on demographics and are constantly changing, for instance if Gillette is conducting research on their latest razors, they will be wanting the opinion of men who shave regularly, rather then men who have a beard and usually don’t shave. The same as if Huggies was conducting market research on their nappies, they will most likely want to target mothers with children in nappies, rather then mothers with teenage children.

6. I see ads on the internet, saying that I can earn $75 per hour doing online surveys, is this true?
It is possible to earn $75+ in a hour, but this is certainly not the norm. In 5 years of doing surveys there has only been 3 times where I have earnt $75 or more in a hour. Basically don’t believe the ads as in my personal opinion they are deceptive and indicate that $75 a hour every hour is possible.

7. Should I pay a site to get their online surveys list?
I wouldn’t recommend it, the information is quite easily obtainable for free just from doing a google search, in fact most of the sites that will be on the list you purchase will be the same as the paid online survey sites that I review here.

8. How do I know that online surveys aren’t just one big scam?
When it comes to money and the internet, unfortunately there are many scams out there trying to fleece us of our hard earned money, how ever I have been involved in the online survey industry for over 5 years now and pride myself that I have constantly ran my sites with integrity and honesty, I want you to succeed and come back to my site again when you are looking to join more survey sites.

9. Why do the online survey sites ask for all my personal information?
Companies that are paying for the market research to be conducted on their behalf are usually looking for specific people in the community, thus the more information that you can provide the more likely you will be sent survey invites. Don’t worry though your personal information is used for statistical purposes only.

10. Will I get spam?
If you join the wrong sites then yes you will get spam, I strongly recommend opening up a new email account just for your survey invites to be sent to, that way if somewhere down the track you accidentally join the wrong company your personal email address won’t be filled with spam everyday. I find that gmail is one of the best free email services.

11. How will I know when I have a survey?
Surveys are usually emailed to you when they become available, but keep in mind surveys are only available for a limited time so it pays to do them as soon as you get them. It is also a good idea to log directly into the survey site and check for surveys there as well, most often surveys will appear within the site first and then sent to your email address later, so if you want to get in first, login and check your survey sites daily.

12. How long does it take to get paid?
Every online survey company has different terms when it comes to their payments, I would recommend reading their Terms of Service if you are concerned. Generally though payment is usually sent out to you within 2 weeks when claimed.

13. How much money will I make?
It’s hard to say, it is all dependent on your demographics, how fast you get to check to see if surveys are available and how many online survey sites you are willing to join.

14. How can I get more surveys?
This is pretty simple, the more paid online survey sites you join the more surveys you will get.

15. How old do I need to be to take online surveys and get paid?
Once again check the Terms of Service of each site to see what their specific age requirements are, generally though the minimum age is 13, but some site do require you to be 18.

16. What about my privacy, do I need to be concerned?
If you join legitimate companies such as the market research companies that I recommend then no you do not need to be concerned, the sites that I recommend I use myself so I know from first hand experience how good they are and I would not promote any company that was dubious in any way.

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