Top 10 Australian Survey Sites

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What’s cooking

What's cooking Australia is a new site that is dedicated to find out the thoughts and views od Australians that cook, be it a 10 course meal for a party or simply a packet of noodles, then what's cooking is looking for you. Not only is there surveys, that enter you into prize draws but also a friendly discussion forum where you can interact with other Australian's that love to cook. What's Cooking is owned by Mars Australia so you know you are in good hands, with it being run by a professiona [...]

American Opinion

Recently American Consumer Opinion expanded to allow members from all over the world including Australia, so don't be misled by the name this survey site is certainly a good one for us Aussies looking for more paid online survey sites to be active in. At American Consumer Opinion, not only do you get the normal market research surveys that you get at other sites but you will also get the chance to test new advertising and to evaluate new products, any products you get to test you get to keep [...]


I joined Cashcrate several years ago back in 2008 and back then I wouldn##Q##t recommend Cashcrate for Australians to make money from via surveys and offers etc. How ever if you are able to get referrals Cashcrate is the must join site on the internet, it has in my opinion the best referral system currently amongst all survey and get paid to sites. Over the years and particularly recently, Cashcrate has undergone a number of improvements that make the site appealing for Australians to join an [...]


Such a simple idea, has really taken off and hit the internet world in a big way. Fiverr is a simple to use site, simply you join up and you can either post what you are prepared to do for $5.00 this can be something simple as drawing a picture for someone, singing happy birthday on video, advertising someone's business in some way. Basicaly anything you can think of that you are willing to do for $5.00 you can make money from if there is someone willing to employ your services. Of course i [...]

Market View

For every survey completed at Market View, you will be automaticaly entered into a draw to win $5,000, you will also be awarded points that can be saved and then spent in Market view’s online shopping store. Some of the surveys offer the chance to see new products or services from companies before the general public does. Their clients are some of the world’s largest computer, consumer goods, automotive, food manufacturers and web based companies. So chances of actualy receiving free product [...]

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