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How to Find Legitimate Online Survey Sites

Like nearly every other industry in the world, there are scams in the survey industry. Usually these scams are easy to detect, but sometimes a good paying site will take a turn for the worse and stop paying. This article will help you find legitimate online survey sites and avoid scams.

First of all, you should watch out for any site that offers rediculous rewards. Generally speaking, online surveys will not make you rich, and any company that claims otherwise is most likely a scam. Legitimate online survey sites generally offer $1-$20 per survey, though there will occasionally be a $50+ one. However, if a company consistantly offers very large rewards for easy surveys, you should take note and perhaps stop taking surveys until you have confirmed that they do indeed pay.

A good way to find legitimate online survey sites is to ask around, or to look on websites such as this one. All the survey sites listed on this website are completely legitimate and have been paying for many years, so this is a good place to start. If you’re hungry for more, ask your friends, or head to a popular make money online forum and ask. You can also use sites such as Yahoo! Answers to gain more knowledge.

Keep in mind that there are several different types of scams on survey sites. There are the sites that make you do surveys and then never pay you, and there are sites that actually require you to pay just for the opportunity to take the surveys! I strongly advice that you never, ever pay for a survey opportunity. You should be MAKING money, not spending it!

Other than that, simply use your better judgment. Keep an eye out for flaws/unprofessionalism on the websites themselves, and don’t assume you will be paid by a company that’s not well known. There are plenty of completely legitimate online survey sites out there, it’s just a matter of finding them!

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  1. Comment by Richard — September 30, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

    Since 2005 I have been a survey member of RewardsCentral,MyOpinions which are linked subsequently I joined Pureprofile ,My Surveys , MyView , YourVoice,Valued Opinions and recently joined Toluna and RealTimeResearch.The last one have never contacted me whilst Toluna appear to screen me out possibly due to my age.
    Before the economic downturn surveys were frequent recently they appear to have reduced.Naturally the ones that have given me rewards both in vouchers and direct bank payment have been all but the last two.
    For the effort the returns have not been vast yet the near $500 is tax free and of benefit to me.

  2. Comment by Pat Campbell — May 9, 2012 @ 8:48 am

    Does anyone know what has happened to Rewards Central and My Opinions? Have they disappeared or just having a temporary server problem? I generally go to Rewards Central every day and earn a few points for the daily clicks but the website has been missing for a couple of days. I have previously been paid $190 from them since I joined in 2004 and have always considered them to be very reputable. I currently have around $130 on the site which I have been saving to make a big withdrawal at the end of the year when I hope to go on holidays. I would be disappointed to lose that.

    And Gliobal Test Market turned into a scam and didn’t pay me my earnings in over a year. They kept telling me the cheques they sent me were undeliverable and I had to wait another couple of months for a replacement cheque. Rubbish! I had previously received 3 or 4 cheques from them with no problems, 2 of them to my current address. After much unsatisfactory email exchange with them I closed my account. As I had continued to do surveys while awaiting my payment, they probably got close to 2 years of survey responses from me for no rewards.

    I do have plenty of time on my hands but I really can find better things to do with it than doing surveys for free!

    • Comment by Adam — May 9, 2012 @ 11:39 am

      Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by. I tried out Rewards Central and My Opinions and didn’t have any issue with the site loading maybe trying clearing your cache and see if that sorts out your problem, if not try out another browser.

      As to Global Test Market, I personally have never had an issue with getting payments and really do not hear to much negative feedback about the site, so I think it is a bit early to call it a scam at this stage. With out knowing your personal circumstances with Global Test Market I can understand your frustration with them and I would have done the same thing and closed my account as well.

      Finally did you know we are giving away $20 each month for the best comment posted on any of our survey sites we have listed, maybe you could post your thoughts on Rewards Central or My Opinions.

  3. Comment by Pat Campbell — May 11, 2012 @ 10:11 am

    Thankyou for your quick response. I wasn’t sure if I would even get one as there was only one post and it was quite some time ago.

    I realised My Opinions was still there when I received a survey invitation the day after my previous post. But I still kept getting the same error message:

    Request error (invalid_request)
    Your request could not be processed. Request could not be handled. This could be caused by a misconfiguration or possibly a malformed request.

    The thing is that I had no problems accessing the sites one day and the next day I get the above message and I had not made any alterations to my browser or done anything differently in the meantime. I use Firefox (an older version which I like as it has a layout and other things that I prefer to newer versions) and I never have any problem accessing sites using it (until now and only for these sites). But because I do want to access Rewards Central daily I installed the latest Firefox (over the top of the old one to preserve my bookmarks, add-ons etc). But I still have the same response.

    Also the same with IE (which I do not like to use as I believe it has too many security holes). But I finally had success with Google Chrome. So it looks like I will have to use that which is a bit inconvenient as I like to access all my daily “click” sites at the same time using multiple tabs. But still Rewards Central does not take very long to do each day and it is only a small inconvenience in view of the funds I have there.

    I am really at a loss to know what is different about a website from one day to the next that something can suddenly change without warning. If they want you to use a different browser or an updated version or do something differently then why don’t they tell us that they have changed the programming or modus operandi of their website so we can make the necessary adjustments. Once before I had a problem with another site, their security login numbers weren’t appearing (although they had the previous day). It turned out it was because I had the wrong version of Flash Player and it was not an easy process to fix as it was not straightforward to delete the old version and the new version would not overwrite the old one.

    I think I preferred the internet a decade ago when everything was simple, websites were mostly text with just a few pics here and there, there was very little in the way of “extras” needed and everything loaded quickly and there were no complications.

    • Comment by Adam — May 13, 2012 @ 2:41 pm

      Hi Pat, thanks for comming back and let us know how you are going. From reading what you have posted and testing the sites out myself on my desktop and my laptop and not having any issues whilst using firefox all it can lead me to believe is that it is mostly likely something from your end that is causing your problem. I would suggest clearing your cookies and even run a full virus scan if you havn’t done so already, what ever the issue is I think it will be only something minor that can easily be fixed.

      I am a bit the same as you, things were easier a decade a go and even more so 15 years ago when I first got online, alas nothing ever remains the same and wheather we like it or not, we have to embrace the change and move forward with it or be left behind.

      Anyways I hope you sort out your browser issues so that you do not continue to have the same problem as you do now.


  4. Comment by Pat Campbell — May 15, 2012 @ 10:13 am

    Hi Adam

    Well for some totally inexplicable reason Firefox suddenly decided yesterday to let me access Rewards Central. And I did absolutely nothing different with Firefox in the meantime. I had retained the bookmark in my “daily clicks” folder of bookmarks so I wouldn’t forget to go there, I load all the tabs up at once and then I was just cutting and pasting the Rewards Central url into Chrome. And then suddenly yesterday it worked. Stuffed if I know??? I guess it will have to remain one of life’s mysteries.

    Incidentally I have Firefox set up to automatically delete all cookies and history every time I close the browser. This was a habit I got into a few years ago when autosurfing was all the rage and I was also spending a few hours a day clicking at traffic exchanges to earn free advertising for my websites. So I was accruing massive amounts of cookies and history every day and some of them could have been for dodgy sites being advertised so it was safer to do that.

    I don’t mind changes in my life and in fact I get bored if there is no variety. But many changes with OS’s, software, hardware and websites are not improvements, they are just making things more complex (and harder to configure things yourself as they tend to hide things that used to be easily accessible).

    It seems like many things are designed to give (whoever?) more control over what we do on our computers. Okay, I am not advocating a conspiracy theory but I do think we should be able to decide how we want to use our own computers and what we put on them. After all our computers are our own property not someone else’s. I find that every time I reformat my computer (at least once a year), it takes longer and longer to install everything and configure it to my liking. Back in the days of Windows 95/98, I could do the whole job in under 2 hours, now it takes the best part of a day.

    I could go on and on but I think I had better shut up now! :-)


    • Comment by Adam — May 15, 2012 @ 12:21 pm

      Hi Pat

      Glad to see you got what ever bug or gremlin you had out of your system and can access Rewards Central again through Firefox. I remember that autosurf craze like it was yesterday, 12dailypro, Studio Traffic and a few others still have some of my money, I didn’t get burnt too badly, but now days I am very wary as to what I invest my money in, last online investment I have made is with PTCBox that was a $200 investment of which I have got back $120 of it already and I am very happy with how it is performing.

      Just curious, do you still have your website, I’d be interested in having alook at it if you do, feel free to drop a link in a comment and I’ll approve it and you can get yourself an easy backlink.

  5. Comment by Pat Campbell — May 21, 2012 @ 1:50 pm

    I didn’t do anything different, Rewards Central just started working again. My guess is that they made some changes to their programming or security and it didn’t quite agree with everyone’s system and then they realised it and made adjustments. Maybe a lot of people told them they couldn’t access the site. Other than that it is just one of life’s mysteries because nothing was different on my end.

    I got into autosurfing a little later than you as Studio Traffic was already going downhill and I just made a paltry sum from 12dailypro before they went down. I made a net profit of 50% over the course of around 18 months and I am grateful for that but if it had kept going another couple of years I would have made many times that as I had built my working capital up to a decent amount. Most of my profits came from CEP (which was closed down by SEC for no good reason as they had always paid their members on time). It wasn’t specifically an autosurf, they had a whole series of related ways to make money and the earnings were very good. I made lesser amounts at a couple of other autosurfs and hyips but there were plenty I made a loss at too. Still that is all in the past now but in my opinion there is absolutely nothing on the internet since that can generate that kind of income.

    I joined PTCBox about 3 months ago but as they rarely have more than 3 or 4 ads a day, it has taken that long to make $1.50. I also joined Inboxbux and Iconbux at the same time and have made around $5 each in the same period. I also belong to Neobux (the best and the only one where I have rented referrals), Clixsense and Wordlinx. I joined those 4 or 5 years ago.

    I have two websites but they have absolutely nothing to do with internet marketing, clicking etc. They are concerned with spirituality. If that is a topic of interest to you, then email me directly and we can discuss it. Unfortunately my autoresponder disappeared without warning and I must make alterations to my websites to encourage one on one email exchanges rather than sending newsletters. I don’t often get guided to write an article anymore and have only sent 3 newsletters in the last couple of years so my members aren’t missing a lot.

    To be honest I would prefer to correspond directly by email rather than continuing with this forum exchange as our conversation is rather off topic now.

  6. Comment by sabifty — May 26, 2012 @ 5:12 pm

    Hi, Im on maternity leave at the moment and was looking for a few extra dollars, and something to do! I am thinking of doing some surveys but I’m a bit concerned with how much personal info the sites require. I absolutely understand this is required for research purposes, but I’ve always been concerned about providing so many details. Especially with so many identity thefts happening these days!

    So I’m wondering do i have reason to be concerned?
    Have any of you taking surveys ever had problems after giving out so many details?
    Thanks in advance :)

    • Comment by Adam — May 26, 2012 @ 6:39 pm

      Hi, personally I have been surveys for eight years and I have never had any issue with identity theft. As long as you stick with legitimate and trustworthy sites you will be right.

      Keep in mind that they do need the personal information, such as your name and address so that they know who and were to send payment to, they also need your address as many companies like to get a cross section of respondents for various areas of the country.

      The other personal information is used for market research purposes, there is no use sending you out a survey for disposbale nappies if you have never had children, or to send you a survey on supermarket shopping if you are not the person in the house hold that does shopping.

      As I said you have nothing to fear and your information will only ever be used to to send you payments and to also match you with the criteria for their surveys.

  7. Comment by lou — June 29, 2012 @ 11:30 pm

    hi, I am new to online serveys and joined valued opinions 4 weeks ago I just got my first coles voucher, what I want to know is if they check out your anserwes eg I had one 2day asking if I had pay tv I said no and got sorry blah blah if I had said yes I think I could have done it, do they check your age etc? can I put a different age 2 my profile?
    thx :)

    • Comment by Adam — June 30, 2012 @ 6:22 am

      Hi Lou, congratulations on recieving your Coles gift card only 4 weeks after joining Valued Opinions. In answer to your question, the market research industry relies on the integrity of their respondents, I do know that it is tempting to give a not so true answer in the attempt to get more surveys, but I do not suggest it.

      You will also find that surveys are cross referenced with your profile information, giving incorrect information can lead to the banning of your account and a loss of all earnings associated with it. For the extra few dollars you may make, I simply do not not think it is worth trying to cheat the system.

  8. Comment by Lionel — April 27, 2013 @ 7:27 am

    This site posted a comment in December 2012 that they were closing for Christmas. On 16th Feb 2012 I emailed them to ask what was going on. I received this reply of 20th February:

    “Brandleaders is undergoing some changes at the moment and we do not have any rewards or competitions running for the time being. Your points will not expire. We will be sending out a newsletter when new rewards are available and to provide more information. Rest assured that we are still here, we are just doing a lot of work in the background.”

    I have been unable to access their website the last several days and am concerned they may have “disappeared”, leaving a lot of people with points (in my case over 80,000) they cannot redeem.

    Perhaps I shall follow up on this and research their “parent” (I think Pacific Micro Marketing) and voice my concern with them?

    • Comment by Adam — May 16, 2013 @ 4:27 pm

      Hi Lionel, Thanks for the heads up about Brand Leaders, we here at Australian Survey Sites are currently not recommending them, although I do have their banner in the header of the site, which I will remove. Good news is that there are plenty of other great survey sites available for Australians.

  9. Comment by Simone — June 11, 2013 @ 9:03 pm

    I was doing surveys with Survey Village for years. Last July my points were up at the 12500 mark. Today, it is down at the 3200 mark. I now find out after years of my points accumulating, that they expire after 18 months. That’s 9000 points (about $70.00) down the drain. No warning – just a change in the terms and conditions. Nothing about it in the FAQs. There was no warning that the points were expiring. How hard would it be to automate a warning system? Any company that doesn’t do that nowadays is basically choosing not to. And where do the lost points go? Straight into the pocket of the owner (?Penny Wong). No offer to give it to charity either. Just a pompous reply saying that “we advise people to redeem their points regularly”. Actually, no such advice was received. Nor is there anything that I can see on the website about this “advice”. They are happy to just pocket the profits

    • Comment by Adam — July 1, 2013 @ 3:13 pm

      Hi Simone a few sites have points / earnings that expire after a certain amount of time, it should be listed in their Terms and Conditions. I can not comment specifically about Survey Village though as I have no expeience with them.

  10. Comment by Henry — July 29, 2013 @ 5:17 am


    Was just wondering if you have come across any new panels or there are panels that aren’t listed on your site that have worked for you. Im preferably looking for panels with a paypal/direct debit/check option, recently I’ve had a downturn in surveys and have left a few panels and was wondering if you’ve had any luck finding new ones!

    All the best!

    • Comment by Adam — July 29, 2013 @ 7:35 pm

      Hi Henry I come accross various panels all the time, some are good and some not so good, my preference is to not list anything on this site until I have given them ago myself. That being said I might write up a list of sites that I havn’t tried out yet and people can then decide for them selves if they want to join in and give it a shot.

  11. Comment by Henry — July 29, 2013 @ 8:42 pm

    That would be great! Will look forward to it when you do so!

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