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Australian Survey Sites had partnered up with a number of affiliate networks that offer pay per action (PPA), pay per click (PPC), pay per lead (PPL), and pay per sale (PPS) affiliate programs that you can promote on your web site, in newsletters, via emails, or in search engines. There are no membership or sign on fees of any kind.

If you are a webmaster or a blog owner related to online surveys, then the affiliate programs below offer many survey offers, allowing you to maximize the revenue generated through your site. You will also find many 100′s of other offers, making these affiliate networks well worth considering joining.

Check my Stats is the first affiliate network that I signed up with over 5 years ago, since then I have been paid every month on time every time. Payments are paid monthly to your paypal account around the 20th of each month and are paid in Australian dollars. Currently 1 Australian dollar is worth about 90 US cents. There are usually over 200 offers running at Check my Stats at any one time, including a number of survey pay per lead affiliate offers and of couse many other offers, that can help you maximise the revenue generated through your website. Join Check my Stats here.

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Think Action was originaly known as the Greenfield affiliate program and renamed to Think Action a few years ago. Think Action are owned by Greenfield which also owns Ciao surveys, this means that to get the highest payouts for Greenfield Surveys and Ciao Surveys you need to join and become a member of Think Action. Think Action also provides daily survey offers that you can use for your members if you have a membership based site. If you have ever looked for the Greenfield affiliate program and could never find it, this is why, it is now called Think Action. This is another site that I have been with for over 5 years and have always been paid without fail every month, payments are by either check or paypal. Join Think Action here.

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Panthera Network is dedicated to maximizing the revenue of their publisher’s advertising inventory. They have a large selection of offers and offer personal publisher support over aim in real time. Top payouts and net 15 payment terms, makes this one of the better affiliate sites out there, every month there is also a monthly incentive promotion, this could be bonus money or prizes such as Ipods etc. Join Panthera here.

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Max Bounty Affiliates with MaxBounty earn revenue from advertising sponsors on a pay-for-performance basis. They have both in-house managed campaigns for you to advertise, and merchants wanting direct relationships with you. Beyond one of the industry’s best and unique reporting systems. One combined monthly payment, International affiliate payments in local currency, Real time statistics, Direct merchant communication, Sub-ID reporting, Responsive support team, Second-tier referral income. Join Maxbounty here.

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