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About Me

Many years ago I got involved in All Advantage and Spedia, unfortunately Spedia was and still is a scam and All Advantage was nearing the end of it’s days but I got my first taste of the get paid industry and I saw the potential of it.

Up until around July 2004 I really didn’t get back involved into the get paid industry, it was around then that I stumbled across earnings2all (another scam) and beehivemail, shortly there after I joined dreamstarmail, black mails banana emails and mikes paid 4 emails.

As you can see I was very new and had joined all scam sites except beehive, I think around that time I found out about an Australian site called email cash which has surveys, I quickly joined. I was clicking my fingers off practicaly and at the time I wasn’t working so I had plenty of time to do what I was doing. One of the emails I read at one of the sites went to a personal site advertising a bunch of paid to read email sites, I think I joined a few more scam sites from that page, but the biggest and best thing that came from that visit was that it gave me the idea to make my own site.

My first site was pretty basic and I bought a couple of ads at beehive to promote it and I got 1 or 2 referrals. Shortly after that, I found out about a get paid forum and for the next couple of weeks I read it from top to bottom and asked a lot of questions, I found out the programs that I was a member of and promoting were all scams so I dropped the lot except beehive mail which unfortunately is no longer around but I made quite a bit of money from it and had one of my bigger down lines.

I started reading the praise forum and found out a bunch of sites that seemed to be paying, I also found out about the downline builder and I joined all the new sites from there. I didn’t get any promotors in my downline so I lucked out there but a few lucky people got me. My basic site was still online and changes were made to it to promote the new programs.

From there I started using Google to find Australian friendly survey sites and I joined them all. During all this searching I stumbled across a site that was promoting various online poker affiliates, the site was using the phpbb silverblue template as it’s style sheet, I soon took to that idea and did it to my own site which and still is hosted on the 10 meg of webspace that my isp provides with every account. As luck would have it my site went to number 1 on Google Australia for alot of various search terms involving surveys. This got me alot of traffic and alot of referrals for both my survey sites and ptr sites that I was promoting from the same site. This site is a 1 page site so it is not hard to make and only needs basic html experience to be able to make and maintain.

I have no idea how I got onto the front page of Google let alone #1 but the traffic I was getting was 100% targeted and free. About this time I found an affiliate marketing program called Gozing which I was a member of their survey site. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that they paid between $1 and $5 to get referrals to many sites that I was already promoting. I joined the Gozing affiliate network right there on the spot and soon got approved, I also referred a few webmasters to the program and I earn 5% of their earnings which keeps a constant income coming in each month.

I soon started Googling affiliate networks and found one that promotes alot of Australian sites and soon after joining I started having the money rolling in each month. This allowed me to spend more on advertising and also pay for my own domain name and hosting. The first domain I registered was I owned it for a couple of years but it was never used. I decided I didn’t like that name much and I found the one that I currently use now. It took me 6 months to build my site, due to the fact that I was now working full time and didn’t have much time available but I finally got it finished and now promote it widely.

I have since joined about 6 affiliate networks, between them they cover pretty much all parts of the globe with their various survey programs that I promote, I am still involved in a few PTR sites but these are more of a side thing for me now, they bring in a few extra dollars each month and bring in some extra search engine traffic. Recently I have just started with the get paid to sites, I can certainly see the potential of these as an excellent money maker for not only those that can get referrals but also for those that cant.

So that’s how I came to be where I am at now, to sum up though here are my tips.
1. Read everything you can and keep an open mind.
2. Invest half of what you earn into advertising when you first get started and then when you are up and running, reduce your advertising budget to about 20% of your earnings.
3. Remember any site can be promoted and referrals obtained no matter how old or big it is.
4. Try to advertise outside of the norm, meaning don’t just copy and paste the homepage, give your own personal experience and review of a site.
5. Above all else, be honest and have some integrity when it comes to the sites that you promote, having people that return over and over to your site and signup to your sites newsletter and the programs you promote is alot better then getting them to signup to one of your programs and they get burnt because it turns out to be a scam and then never come back.

I can’t tell people what to do or not what to do but I can tell you if you don’t try you won’t get anywhere when it comes to building a downline.
Finaly don’t expect to be making big money overnight but work at it and keep trying new things and you will find the money begins to come in.


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