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Welcome to Australian Survey Sites

Companies around the world are spending millions on market research every single year. Getting that all important market edge can mean the difference in huge profits or huge losses and that is why many companies are looking to get the opinion of people just like you and I, on their new products and services before they hit the market.

Here at Australian Survey Sites we are not in the business of inundating you with hundreds and hundreds of Australian market research companies that you will never hear from, instead we highlight the ten best sites that are available to Australians to join, these are sites that have proven themselves to be reliable, to send out plenty of online surveys and to pay on time every time.

It is possible to make a nice little second income doing online surveys but it will never take the place of a full time job and the income that comes with it, but for those that are looking to easily earn anywhere from $50 to $200 extra every month then online surveys could be for you.

Every company listed on Australian Survey Sites is 100% free to join and in fact they pay you for your time when you give them your opinion, payments range from, direct deposit, cheques, paypal, gift certificates and free gifts. So if you are interested in making a little extra money every month then please have a look around the site and then join as many sites as you feel comfortable with.

Thanks for visiting Australian Survey Sites and good luck with your venture into the world of online market research and paid online surveys.

Top Survey Sites

Rank Name Country Payments Info
01 Pure Profile Australia (Int) Direct Deposit Review / Visit Site
02 Valued Opinions Australia Gift Certificates Review / Visit Site
03 My Survey Australia Paypal & Gift Vouchers Review / Visit Site
04 Your Voice Australia Gift Vouchers Review / Visit Site
06 Rewards Central Australia & NZ Direct Deposit & Cheque Review / Visit Site
07 My View Australia Gift Vouchers Review / Visit Site
08 Global Test Market Australia (Int) Cheque Review / Visit Site
09 What’s cooking Australia Prize Draws Review / Visit Site
10 Cashcrate Australia (Int) Cheque & Paypal Review / Visit Site
11 Opinion World Australia Paypal Review / Visit Site
12 My Opinions Australia Paypal Review / Visit Site
13 Live Tribe Australia Cash prizes & vouchers Review / Visit Site
14 Spider Metrix Australia (Int) Paypal & Direct Deposit Review / Visit Site
15 Toluna Australia PayPal & Eftpos Review / Visit Site

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Thanks for visiting, Australian Survey sites is slowly coming together and will be up and running within a week, be sure to come back and check us out a bit later.


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